Maximizing Small Apartment Spaces with a Multi-Functional Desk Bed Transforms Your Room into Two!

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Maximizing Small Apartment Spaces with a Multi-Functional Desk Bed Transforms Your Room into Two!

Blogs, magazines and interior décor specialists constantly reveal to us handy tips and ideas for maximizing small apartment spaces – from opting for furniture with extended and visible legs and avoiding darker hues in favour of all-white colour schemes to including tilted mirrors throughout. Providing the illusion of extra space is essential for optimizing small spaces, but for real impact at low cost, homeowners often choose multi-functional furniture such as desk beds to double living spaces.
Murphy beds first appeared on the market over a century ago, but their convenience, functionality and cost-effectiveness ensure their continued popularity. Today’s apartment owner now has another way to maximize compact spaces and transform rooms with the addition of a unique product that combines a Murphy bed and a desk. With the cost of property ever increasing and the size ever shrinking, companies such as Spaceformers offer the perfect space-saving solution for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area who want to transform their office or study area into a second bedroom.
With all the comfort of a regular mattress, Spaceformer desk beds are available in a variety of formats; including single, double and vertical options. Each model is fully customizable with the following options available to small apartment owners in Toronto:
  • Storage: A range of cabinetry surrounding a stylishly concealed Murphy bed is the perfect combination of storage and functionality. Select the combination that best suits your needs.
  • Sizes: Spaceformers’ single model is an incredibly compact product that can be built into upper and side cabinets, or a combination of the two. Perfect for the single sleeper, this neat hidden bed is also a firm favourite with children and occasional guests. For maximum desk space, the double model offers a desk that is as wide as the bed is long. This desk is perfect for full office functionality with sufficient room for a printer, personal computer and more, without sacrificing additional wall space. If desk space is not your priority, the vertical model is an excellent alternative, allowing access to both sides of the bed by folding out from the bottom instead of the side. Standard sized single, double or queen sized mattresses can all be accommodated by this ingenious technology.
  • Colours: A tasteful selection of fifteen different colours is available to match any décor, with traditional wood finishes, neutrals and even semi-gloss whites proving to be popular choices. Two-tone finishes are increasingly popular for those wishing to add a complex touch to a basic colour scheme.
An important factor for many customers is accessibility and ease of installation. Spaceformers utilizes innovative, cutting-edge technology to allow a seamless transition from desk to bed without the inconvenience of unplugging, cleaning or moving your possessions! Additionally, gaps are included in the design in order to avoid messy wires and clutter. The entire process takes approximately five seconds and is achievable with one hand. Each model comes with clear and concise instructions, which are suitable for any DIY novice.
Whether you love to welcome long-lost relatives, host sleepovers or you just want to make the most of a minimal space, desk beds make every inch of your small apartment twice as useful!


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